25 January-1 July 2021
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/ 25 Jan, 2021
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A speed training revolution is coming with The Rypstick

The Rypstick the ultimate speed training tool was just released this past November by Ryp Golf a Minnesota based company. Invented by Dr. Luke Benoit, PGA it is the most practical and convenient training aid for distance on the market. The Rypstick comes with a counter-weighted grip on a golf shaft and the head has a chamber that holds 3 weights, there is a dial that unlocks or locks the weights into place. Only 1 stick is necessary and you have 8 different weight options to choose from.  The product was designed by an aerospace engineer after Benoit's students were complaining about carrying around multiple sticks. The Rypstick is already in the hands of over 20 PGA Tour players, several World Long Drive Athletes, and over 100 PGA Professionals. 

Ryp Golf which is based in Minnesota has the goal to become the premier fitness and speed outlet for all golfers. Luke Benoit the company's president and is also the Director of Instruction at Interlachen CC along with Vice President Scott McDonald, PGA  have already assembled an elite team of fitness professionals. Sarah Iverson a former division 1 golfer and certified personal trainer will team up with Bryan Everett an army veteran and personal trainer with over a decade of experience. Both are golf fanatics and are excited to offering programming, workouts, and one on one personal training sessions. 

The Rypstick comes in 5 different lengths (45", 44", 42", 40", 38") and is available for purchase on rypstick.com for $189. Ryp Golf is also offering a one time PGA Merchandise Show pre-book special. Purchase a variety pack of all 5 sticks and get an additional Black 45" Rypstick for only $810 ($135 per). Check out the website for more information or email rypstickstaff@gmail.com. 
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