25 January-1 July 2021
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GOuft Golf
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/ 25 Jan, 2021
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AHEAD’s Orangesicle Color Timed with a Khakhi Resurgence

For the first time, AHEAD is building a men’s collection around light orange (dubbed “orangesicle”), which is teamed with true navy and khaki. Customers will have several coordinating options among polo shirts, quarter-zip pullovers, windshirts and full-zip jackets, as well as khaki shorts. Highlights include the Concealer polo featuring navy with a tonal camouflage print, and the Emperor, a novelty polo that taps into the continuing trend of mini prints. Chuck Lord, AHEAD’s Chief Creative Officer, says the debut of orangesicle is timed with a khaki resurgence. He notes the array of polos and second-layer styles are perfectly tailored with khaki bottoms, adding, “Khaki had always been a mainstay but for the past decade it had been replaced by white, black and gray. However, the fashion pendulum is shifting again, and khaki is making a comeback.” AHEAD’s second collection seizes on the continuing popularity of patriotic colors. The red, true navy and white pairing is accented with carbon (gray) to provide several polo options, plus two novelty-themed shirts. The Griller polo is an ode to the backyard barbecue featuring a subtle microprint of with barbeque grills and utensils. “Recent sales tell us the microprint shirts remain extremely popular,” Lord said. 
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