25 January-1 July 2021
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GOuft Golf
GOuft Cool Skin Cushion Pad attached Golf Glove
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/ 26 Jan, 2021
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Bat-Caddy Offers Affordable Electric Golf Carts

Bat-Caddy, an industry leader in affordable, electric golf carts for more than 15 years, is showcasing its newest models with several Lithium Battery options. The Bat-Caddy X8R is available in both Remote and Non-Remote controlled models. Bat-Caddy also carries low-priced entry-level models that come with SLA type batteries. Bat-Caddy also has an attractive fleet of electric rental caddies that represent good income potential for facilities, since electric caddies are ideal to promote social distancing.

Image/photo features the Bat-Caddy X8R

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