25 January-1 September 2021
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12 Apr, 2021 /
Q&A Session with RepSpark
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29 Jan, 2021 /
PGA of America
Memorial Day Weekend Marks a New Beginning for Patriot Golf Day
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29 Jan, 2021 /
GOuft Golf
GOuft Cool Skin Cushion Pad attached Golf Glove
Press Release
D&D Devices, Inc.; EndSwate
/ 25 Jan, 2021
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EndSwate Helps Golfers Enhance Swing Mechanics – and Play Better

The new EndSwate swing trainer utilizes heavy counterweights that lead the butt-end of the club to the ball to help golfers of all skill levels enhance swing mechanics and play better golf. The Endswate specifically addresses the backswing, downswing, point of impact, and clubhead follow through while creating lag. The Endswate helps golfers eliminate casting, squares up the head to the ball, and maximizes follow-through to create longer, more consistently accurate shots. For instructors, the EndSwate contributes to their value add, since they can advance their students through challenging swing mechanics more productively, and on to more advanced golf skills, strategies, and tactics. Students can feel and see the benefits of Endswate after a short series of lesson use.

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