25 January-1 July 2021
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/ 25 Jan, 2021
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FlightScope Adds New Features to Top Tracking Platforms

FlightScope, a global pioneer in tracking and analyzing sports performance data, continues to add new features to its FlightScope X3 and portable Mevo+ systems for 2021. The FlightScope X3 now features an E6 Connect Bundle that allows golfers to play five courses or practice on 17 different driving ranges. The X3 features Fusion Tracking, which combines 3D tracking radar and image processing for unmatched data accuracy. The Environmental Optimizer lets golfers change conditions (such as altitude or wind) without changing locations to prepare for tournaments. The X3 captures data and clip video from multiple camera feeds for every shot. Full swing and short-game data can be analyzed more easily in 2021 in the X3 phone app to help golfers train smarter and improve consistency. The Mevo+ is ideal for practice, hitting shots on the range or for clubfitting. The 3D Doppler radar-based system tracks 16 data points, including carry distance, ball and clubhead speed, smash factor, spin rate, spin axis, spin loft, angle of attack, horizontal and vertical launch angle and several other points.  

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