25 January-1 July 2021
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/ 09 Jan, 2021
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G-TRAK: Indoor Retractable Multi-Sports Net and Golf Simulator Screen

New to the indoor golf world is the patented G-TRAK system designed for multiple sports. G-TRAK is a sleekly designed industrial strength product for golf and other sports that can be used by the whole family in your garage. No longer will you have to find space to golf indoors, this large space is already available where your cars normally park. Other golf simulators for a room or basement in your house are big, bulky, take up wall space, extremely expensive, and cannot be stored away. There are baseball cages that can be set up in your yard but take up way too much space, very expensive, and are not sheltered from the weather. The G-TRAK system combines them all for a reasonable price in the most accommodating and optimal place for indoor game improvement. G-TRAK is based on easily installed brackets that go around the garage tracks and do not impede the actual garage door from opening and closing. However, it can be customized to almost any length and width and mounted to a ceiling or wall. This original and unique system can be set up and then stored in the up position making it the ideal spot for storage. G-TRAK does not take up any floor or wall space when not in use. It can be stored with the push of a button in the up position for cars to park underneath. G-TRAK is so versatile it can be used in reverse position from the driveway as a backstop for many sports. Another great feature is the built-in ball catcher, which keeps stray balls from traveling all over your garage. G-TRAK can be paired with your choice of golf launch monitor software to hone in on your game, play real rounds, and have fun with family and friends. “When I’m stuck inside, G-TRAK is my go-to, I can develop my golf skills and then have the boys over to play a round,” said Richard Hyland of Nekoosa, WI. “My grandkids come over and play and we watch movies on the screen too.” Play and practice multiple sports anytime, day or night and in any weather; golf, baseball, softball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, etc. Use G-TRAK for family and neighborhood get-togethers to watch ball games and movies. G-TRAK is fun for the whole family. It is really the best bang for your buck. Visit www.gtrak.net for more information and to buy your G-Trak system today.
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