25 January-1 July 2021
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Jackets Required Inc.
/ 24 Jan, 2021
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Jackets Required will Exhibit in next weeks 2021 Virtual PGA Show

Cocktail in Masters Cabin leads to the start of Jackets Required Inc
An unlikely meeting at the 1997 during the Wednesday practice round at the Masters.  Waiting for a lost friend at the big oak three near the umbrella tables for almost one hour listening to a green jacket member of Augusta talk over the ropes to three club pros from Pittsburgh.  After hearing him talk, you could tell Fred Brand knew everyone in golf through his years serving for the USGA committees, boards and high offices like vice president of the USGAand marshaling in 25 
Masters and 25 US Opens.  I asked Fred if he knew Curtis Person who got me my Masters tickets.  Fred said "where do you think Curtis got his tickets?" I said," you ? And Fred "you damn right." "Do you four gentleman want to take a tour of the clubhouse ?  We all said yes and Fred walked through the ropes giving us the royal tour of almost every aspect of the clubhouse until we got to a small upstairs room. "Even I can't open that door," said Fred.  "Oh what the hell I don't think they will kick me out."  Fred cracked open the door and 5 sets of bulging eyes are seeing Ben Crenshaw buttering his toast.  Ben never flinched and never looked at us.  Then Fred said lets go have a cocktail in my cabin.  We all agreed. 
After a few minutes, I asked if anyone had ever done a story of Fred Brand's life and he said no but I could write one. 
Being that close to Fred and his green jacket, I decided to start a business selling embroidered blazers.   Through one recession and one depression, Jackets Required has survived and excited to be back at the PGA Merchandise Show for my 11 shows in 22 years.   Looking forward to hosting a booth in Orlando for the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show.  
Fred is gone  now but now forgotten.  He received the Bobby Jones Award in 1997 for his lifetime of acheivements as his father was a golf pro from Carnoustie and Fred was a fine player himself.  Ironic how I met the man who gave me tickets. 
Life like golf, you never know what comes next but keep trying. 
Jackets Required only sells embroidered blazers for men and ladies in several colors, all sizes and we add each member's name on the inside lining for personal touch. We added the Ralph Lauren navy in our lineup as they offer the finest stretch wool fabric in every size, even and odd in shorts, regulars, longs and extra longs for a near custom fit blazer. 
Offering a Show Special for the Ralph Lauren men's navy for $295.00 with a normal retail for $325.00 and we are holding the show price through the end of 2021 with free shipping through 2021.  
Great for members, staff, past presidents, board members, club champions and member-guest tournaments. 
Start a blazer program at your club.  No setup costs.  No minimums.  Free shipping through 2021.  
When jackets are required, call Jackets Required.  
Johnny Lyon
616 W. College St. 
Brownsville, TN  38012
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