25 January-1 July 2021
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GOuft Golf
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JumboMax Golf Products
/ 25 Jan, 2021
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JumboMax Offers Impressive Lineup of Golf Grips

The 2021 offering from JumboMax Golf Grips includes JMX UltraLite™, used by 2020 U.S. Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau. UltraLite is 20-25% lighter than standard grips, promoting light, even grip pressure and creating faster clubhead speed. The super-oversized profile improves clubface awareness and control, and the twist-resistant StabilityCore™ offers maximum performance in the rough. Also in the line is the JMX JumboFlat™ 17 Putter Grip with the widest profile of any Arm Lock grip, the company says. Its patent-pending tapered shape allows it to rest flat against the forearm; the rounded section is formed to fit the golfer’s fingers; and the Poly-Tour™ outer provides optimal tackiness and texture. In addition, there’s the STR8 Tech™ non-tapered, which promotes light, even grip pressure, creating faster clubhead speed. Its ultra-stable, super-oversized profile provides maximum clubface awareness and control, while the ergonomic shape allows for more practice and less pain, the company says. This product is available in Wrap Series and Tour Series models. Finally, look for the ST/1.3 Jumbo Putter Grip with a non-tapered profile that promotes a tension-free putting stroke. Its jumbo sizing offers maximum stability during the stroke, while the twist-resistant StabilityCore™ offers playability in a variety of weather conditions. 

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