25 January-1 July 2021
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12 Apr, 2021 /
Q&A Session with RepSpark
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29 Jan, 2021 /
PGA of America
Memorial Day Weekend Marks a New Beginning for Patriot Golf Day
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29 Jan, 2021 /
GOuft Golf
GOuft Cool Skin Cushion Pad attached Golf Glove
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Malcolm DeMille
/ 25 Jan, 2021
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Malcolm DeMille’s Trophies, Gifts and Awards “Push Creative Boundaries”

The team at Malcolm DeMille Inc. is recognized as world-class jewelers and sculptors, known for craftsmanship, quality materials and innovative design. MDI has created acclaimed trophies, gifts and awards for a diverse clientele, including PGA Professionals, corporate customers and country clubs. These products also include jewelry and accessories, shadow boxes and plaques, and medals. “Our flagship product is the money clip, known globally as the best money clip in golf,” President Malcolm DeMille says. “MDI continues to push creative boundaries to provide clients with unforgettable and extraordinary works of art.” The MDI process starts with a representative/artist discussing the needs, desires and visions of the client. From there, each design is tailored to the needs and vision of the client, who is provided with a 3D rendering for final review. Molds are made to capture the art piece so wax replicas can be made. These wax parts are cast in metal, assembled and finished by MDI’s professional craftsman. Each piece is hand inspected before shipment to ensure the highest quality. “Every team member takes great pride in exceeding client expectations and a personal interest in the unique vision each client brings,” DeMille says. “We love to hear our customers say, ‘Wow!’” 
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