25 January-1 July 2021
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12 Apr, 2021 /
Q&A Session with RepSpark
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29 Jan, 2021 /
PGA of America
Memorial Day Weekend Marks a New Beginning for Patriot Golf Day
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29 Jan, 2021 /
GOuft Golf
GOuft Cool Skin Cushion Pad attached Golf Glove
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/ 25 Jan, 2021
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PlayMakar Presents Wide Range of Sports Recovery Products

Founded in 2016, PlayMakar Inc. offers a comprehensive line of sports recovery and performance products designed to help athletic and fitness-oriented people achieve their best by optimizing warmup, training, and recovery. PlayMakar products are currently being sold in hundreds of golf shops and on golf courses around the world at retail prices ranging from $9.95 and go to $199.95. PlayMakar’s line of products helps golfers at every level stay loose, relaxed and pain free. “The PlayMakar MVP Percussion Massager is currently our number one selling product within the golf community,” says Founder/CEO Mike Williams. “While I can’t go into specifics just yet, I can say we are going to reveal our new patent pending technology we have developed specifically for the MVP Percussion Massager that will certainly offer more versatility.” Also planned for release late in 2021 is a new therapeutic wearable product designed to keep golfers loose on the course. “PlayMakar has built an amazing infrastructure to support our reseller partners with high margin products, online ordering and video merchandising tools to help educate golfers on the benefits of using recovery and performance enhancing products,” Williams adds. “We could not be more happy to support golf retailers.”  

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