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PTE Golf Announces New, Improved Ice Chests

PTE Golf is thrilled to announce that, after months of extensive development and testing, our new logoed Ice Chests are ready to be unveiled to the public!

PTE Golf’s Ice Chest Version 2 is a complete redesign from scratch of our bestselling ice chests— they’re new, improved, and ready to be put to use! We went back to the drawing board to solve common issues seen with many ice chests on the market. The result? A state-of-the-art cooler that will revolutionize beverage, snack, and ice towel storage and dispersal at your facility. 
PTE Golf’s new Ice Chests are made out of linear, low-density polyethylene, and are insulated with polyurethane foam. Available in PTE’s trademark hunter green, black, or white, the Ice Chests come with your club logo on the front. The lid comes equipped with a rubber gasket that makes an airtight seal, which combined with the insulation, allows our Ice Chests to hold ice for over 7 days! 
The front latches, made of rubber and aluminum, are sturdy; so even if you happen to bump the ice chest against a wall, you don’t have to worry about the latches breaking. PTE Golf knows how hectic things can get when setting up for an event, but never fear-- you don’t have to treat this Ice Chest with kid gloves.   

The hinges on an ice chest can often become a point of contention—they break off, they get lost, they’re a hassle. PTE Golf’s Ice Chests have no back hinges, making this problem a thing of the past! Instead of back hinges, our Ice Chests have pins made of an aluminum alloy which run through the back lid. As there are no hinges, there is no hardware to break!  

The Ice Chest boasts ergonomic rubber strap handles, which can hold up to 132lbs each. Made from rubber and nylon, the handles make carrying the Ice Chest a breeze! There are two convenient metal bottle openers on each side of the Ice Chest, so your players can enjoy their beverage any time, anywhere. A sturdier drain cap, made of rubber, has been added to the Ice Chest as well. 

The Ice Chest comes equipped with a polypropylene divider that doubles as a cutting board; it also comes with a removable metal basket to hold snacks and keep them separated from the ice. Rubber feet on the bottom of the Ice Chest ensure that it won’t slide around as your players rummage inside. The Ice Chest fits perfectly inside PTE Golf’s Ice Chest Stand, as well—so if you’re upgrading to the new model, no worries about having to buy new stands! 

"We had some issues that could not be fixed with our old design, so we started from scratch and solved all of the issues,” says CEO Matt Pollitt of the new ice chests. “We even added some additional features that customers had been asking for, such as the ability to lock the cooler down at night. I'm extremely excited to bring this Ice Chest to Golf Professionals who struggle with bottled water on the course."

PTE Golf’s new Ice Chests retail for $329, and can be purchased from the website directly: https://ptegolf.com/products/75-quart-ice-chest 
You can also order by calling the office at 561-630-5205.
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