25 January-1 September 2022
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22 Jun, 2021 /
Club Resort
Club-Resort - introduce Bellemere Designer collection
Club Resort Business introduce Bellemere new Collection with Chic Two-Tone TENCEL Polo
22 Jun, 2021 /
Club Resort
Club-Resort - introduce Bellemere Designer collection
Club Resort Business introduce Bellemere new Collection with Chic Two-Tone TENCEL Polo
Spin Strong, LLC
/ 25 Jan, 2021
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Spin Strong Announce New 50% larger and more intense XL Air Resistance Rotary Trainer

 Opt-Out Address: Spin Strong, LLC, 2315 Holly Lane, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444   

Subject: Spin Strong, LLC announces new, larger XL Spin Strong Trainer at PGA 2021 Merchandise Show, March 26 – 29, 2021.

Spin Strong®️ Announces a New Larger and More Powerful XL Rotary Trainer, 
Handheld compact Rotary (or spin) trainers, the first to be based on air resistance and offer high intensity speed and strength training, will be available in a 50% larger size with the release of the XL model of  Spin Strong Rotary Trainers,with availability planned for 2Q 2021.

Spin Strong is spinning up more air resistance and providing high speed, night intensity resistance with the release of it’s new XL to add to it’s line of rotary trainers. They offer a simple way to jump rope and perform a wide variety of strength/speed arm and shoulder exercises with the fitness industry’s first handheld spin trainers based on air drag or air resistance.

Spin Strong was invented and patented by a 62-year-old Parkinson’s patient, Phillip Davies, when his strength and mobility began to worsen in the last few years. Spin Strong was not only successful in reversing Phil’s strength problems, but it’s wide range in resistance intensity, which is largely a factor of spin speed makes them valuable for all types of exercisers, including those with movement challenges.

With it’s freedom of movement,Spin Strong offers a wide range of resistance exercises as well as a variety of engagement levels, such as training with one arm while sitting up to full-body exercise. This makes the device appropriate for people of all ages, strengths, and abilities.

Creator Phillip Davies says,  “When used for jumping rope, Spin Strong provides moderate resistance, like a jump rope. When used for strength training, arms are extended further out and usually lifted higher from the body, acting to magnify the initial level of resistance.”

Spin Strong trainers require little space, making them ideal for at-home workouts, and their compact size makes them ideal for travel. Spin Strong trainers use low load exercise, making them valuable for fitness training and physical therapy. During use, Spin Strong trainers are continuously opposing air resistance using circular arm movements, which are complex and engage most muscles of the arms and legs. Done at very fast speeds, the result is a new and valuable kind of power and performance training.

The Spin Strong XL Rotary Trainer is the second of what will be a full product line. Future products will include larger  one-handed models, and even a larger two-handed model. The full product line will have products of different intensities and which work muscles in different ways. They will appeal to all fitness types and athletes of many different sports.

Spin Strong, LLC

Spin Strong, LLC was founded by Phillip Davies, an inventor of multiple full-body exercise devices. Launched in 2020, Spin Strong  include two and soon three rotary trainers.The mission of Spin Strong is to provide air-resistance based strength, cardio and full-body exercise for people of all fitness levels, including those with movement challenges or disabilities.

For more information, please visit http://www.spinstrong.com

“Like” Spin Strong on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/spinstrongllc/ 

Follow Spin Strong on Instagram @Spin.Strong


For media inquiries, please contact:

Phillip Davies



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