25 January-1 September 2022
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22 Jun, 2021 /
Club Resort
Club-Resort - introduce Bellemere Designer collection
Club Resort Business introduce Bellemere new Collection with Chic Two-Tone TENCEL Polo
22 Jun, 2021 /
Club Resort
Club-Resort - introduce Bellemere Designer collection
Club Resort Business introduce Bellemere new Collection with Chic Two-Tone TENCEL Polo
/ 25 Jan, 2021
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186 N. Main Street #744, Donnelly, ID 83615  •  208-999-0035  •  www.truescroregolf.com

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. January 24, 2021. Much of the world was overwhelmed in 2020, but Peter Guerrero focused on creating the first wellness product line specifically designed for the needs of golfers. Guerrero, a passionate golfer, has extensive experience in the development of therapeutic body care, having co-founded Emulate Naturals, a wellness line used in many of the top resorts and spas in Mexico and the U.S. In 2020, Guerrero was recognized by the Idaho Business Review magazine in their “Accomplished Under 40” as one of Idaho’s top 40 business leaders in the State of Idaho under age 40 (Guerrero is 31 years old). 

This month, True Score is being introduced at the 2021 PGA Virtual Merchandise Show www.pgashow.com. Five of True Score’s 18 products are being featured, including proprietary blends with CBD. In the PGA’s Products Preview, True Score’s Golfers Secret – A Premium Product Caddie is being highlighted. The Golfers Secret features travel sizes of six of True Score’s best selling products, and can be customized with other products and private labeled for resorts, clubs and tournaments.

True Score started in 2018 with a golf performance aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to affect various functions of the mind. The True Score combination of woodsy and spicy notes specifically activates the mind to create a relaxed yet alert response that starts the round off right from the first tee, powering through challenging holes until the last putt. During the Akron Experience Golf Tournament in Guadalajara, Mexico with Carlos and Alvaro Ortiz (from the PGA tour), players using True Score Aromatherapy scored TWO Holes in One to win the 2020 Maserati prize. One of the Holes in One was achieved by Kenji Murayama, a Latin America PGA Pro, who endorsed True Score in an interview and is now sponsored by True Score. 

Our CBD topicals, sublinguals and edibles reduce stress, muscle and joint pain, and enhance relaxation. True Score’s CBD contains zero THC and is CO2 extracted from chemical and pesticide-free Oregon Hemp. CO2 supercritical extraction is a quality process that retains a more desirable flavor and concentration of CBD. All True Score CBD is lab tested and third party certified to guarantee pureness, potency and integrity.

Here is a line up of the True Score Collection, which consists of 18 organic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly products:
  • Golfers Secret Premium Product Caddie – featured in the Products Preview section of the PGA Virtual Trade Show (www.pgashow.com)
  • True Score CBD Collection:
    • CBD Arthritis & Muscle Relief – a potent fast acting, pain relief balm with Emu oil, Moringa oil & MSM that typically lasts 10+ hours and lubricates muscles and joints. 1000 mg CBD.
    • CBD Renew for Tired Legs & Muscles. 250 mg of CBD. An excellent fast acting lotion that activates circulation to relieve cramping, swelling, leg and muscle fatigue and hot tired feet. 
    • Organic CBD Sublingual in Orange Cream, Mocha or Unflavored for pain relief, reduced tension, jet lag and calming nerves. 1000 mg/1 oz.
    • Organic CBD Therapy Enhancer. A topical oil that can be used alone or in combination with massage oil, lotions or other topical products to elevate performance. 1000 mg/1 oz.
    • Organic CBD Gummies – 30 ct jar or 15 ct travel pack size. Made with natural fruit flavors. Perfect for a delicious edible that eases muscle or joint discomfort and relieves nerves or tension. 500 mg / 250 mg.
  • Pain Relief for arthritis, sore muscles and joints without CBD:
    • Flex Muscle Warm-up. A pre and post-play lotion that accelerates muscle warm-up and offers faster muscle and joint recovery after your round. A must have for multiple rounds to increase performance and enjoyment.
    • Arthritis & Muscle Relief. Pain relief lasts approximately 5-6 hours.
    • Renew for Tired Legs & Muscles. 
  • Protection in the Great Outdoors:
    • Organic Sunscreen SPF 50 with clear zinc oxide that protects from broad spectrum rays with a clear, non-pasty appearance. Gentle formula will not cause perspiration or sting eyes. Unscented.
    • Ace Lip Balm Mint SPF 25 for healing dry, cracked lips and cold sores.
    • Endurance Natural Deodorant – Aluminum & paraben-FREE in the True Score Aromatherapy scent. Typically controls odor for 8+ hours. 
    • Organic BugOff Insect Repellent – All natural formula that repels biting insects. Safe for children and pets.
    • Sun Recovery – An after sun relieving oil. Recommended for stopping sunburn pain within minutes, and converting it to a tan within hours without peeling. Moringa oil, Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus help reverse aspects of sun damage to the skin.
  • Supplements and Aromatherapy:
    • True Score Aromatherapy – Our signature golf performance aromatherapy that works within minutes.
    • Distance Capsules – 90 ct/500 mg of organic Moringa leaf. Moringa has been repeatedly hailed as the “superfood” for building the immune system, increasing energy, improving cardiovascular function and improving digestion.

For more information about True Score Wellness for Golfers, True Score Certified Golf Massage Therapies for spas, or True Score Golf Head Covers, contact Peter Guerrero, CEO of True Score Golf at peterg@truescoregolf.com or call 208-999-0035, or visit our website at www.truescoregolf.com. Instagram: truescoregolf. Facebook: TrueScoreGolf.  

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